Friday, August 13, 2010

Girl Tattoo Designs and Advice

Girl Tattoo Designs and Advice
Girl Tattoo Designs and Advice

Not only boys and men are into the trend of tattoos. Girls are along their way in exploring their bodies with the classy and brilliant girl tattoos downloadable from the internet.

It is not an easy job for a girl or a woman to choose a tattoo that best suits their style and personality. Men have the fastest decision-making process when it comes to tattoos. However, for women, it is for sure that it would take them weeks or even months to think over, browse repeatedly and finally choose the perfect one for their body.

For women or girls to be satisfied with the designs, the internet laid over a thousand of girl tattoo designs that perfectly match their personality. Well, for some men they do not really care much if their tattoo fits their character. As long as it goes with what they perceive cool and awesome, they are easily satisfied with the tattoo design but not for girls, because girls are so fussy and more conscious about the things that they do.

Girl tattoo designs like butterfly is popular among girls. Most probably because of the butterfly's distinct feature somehow reflects the bearer's character. Butterfly is free, light and attractive. With its brilliant colors, their wings make the insect very adorable. Girls most likely put butterfly tattoo either on their shoulders or at the lower back.

Girl Tattoo Gallery Review

Girl Tattoo Gallery Review
If you are a girl looking for a cool girl tattoo, an excellent place to search is a tattoo gallery. You'll notice there are a few online galleries which may look very promising. So which one should you choose?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
It took a few years, but it seems that the book that was a hit in Sweden has become a worldwide sensation. For the record, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has no wizards, vampires or lycanthropes. What it does have is the most fascinating character to grace mystery literature in quite a while. Her name is Lisbeth Salander. She is the titular heroine in this tightly plotted and sometimes violent whodunit in what is the first of a trilogy of mysteries from Stieg Larsson.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

About Tattoos and Tattoo Artists

About Tattoos and Tattoo Artists
About Tattoos and Tattoo Artists
About Tattoos and Tattoo Artists

Tattoos hurt a lot and it is a fact. You can ask any tattooed person and they will tell you. Tattoos do hurt and they hurt quite a bit. It is like getting pricked into your skin. It does bleed and it is very normal that it does so; do not get frightened. Some people look at the blood and get freaked out. If you are the kinds who do then I would not recommend you to get a tattoo. There are people to whom the pain is a great feeling. Some people really like the feeling and I do not blame them it gives a feeling of freedom or purity and honesty.

Like Johnny Cash says "I focus on the pain the only thing that's real". Tattooing is an art to some it is a just something nice looking. There are different kinds of artists some of them are extremely amazing. They are all trained professionals or then have been into the field for quite a while. The Miami ink is a very famous soap opera which talks about the different tattoo artists and I believe they are amazing. Have seen some of their work and it is amazing.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Variations of Fairy Tattoo Designs

Variations of Fairy Tattoo Designs-1While many are intrigued by the darker, wilder forms of tattoos, there are several others who are taken in by the beauty and elegance of the fairy tat designs. The idea of fairies, as supernatural beings, has been the fantasy of many, what with the magical powers attached to it. Thus, the fairy tat design is a popular choice with those who love the enchanting and magical world of the fairyland.

Variations of Fairy Tattoo Designs-2Fairy tat designs also come in an array of creative concepts and ideas. There are the modern anime fairies, derived from the Japanese tradition. These fantastical images make for some great fairy tattoo designs. Popular in the gothic tradition, teenagers are seen taking to this tattoo design like never before.

Variations of Fairy Tattoo Designs-3
Variations of Fairy Tattoo Designs-4
Variations of Fairy Tattoo Designs-5

Fairy images created on the whimsical fairy tales, like those of Thumbelina, make for an appealing caricature of sheer innocence and beauty. This aura of purity associated with such fairy tattoos is what makes them particularly popular among girls.

But innocence and beauty is definitely not the end all and be all when it comes to fairy tats. Fairy tattoo ideas are seen to be getting more mischievous by the day, and fables are replete with instances of fairies indulging in mischief and playing pranks, some even being more evil than the rest. There are many girls out there who find great charm and appeal in the naughty, and sometimes sinister, quality attached to such fairy tat designs.

Fairies are also seen as the bearers of the natural spirit, and as an incarnate of Mother Nature herself. So it is not surprising to find several fairy tattoo designs that show fairies along with flowers, vines, leaves, etc.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Unique Arabic Skin Tattoo Design

Unique Arabic Skin Tattoo Design

Are you a Muslei and want to get a tattoo on your body? Try to find the religious one. There are many optional designs you can pick, but it is more interesting if you choose an Arabic letter. Besides unique designs, it also could give religious meaning.

If you don't know how to determine which tattoo you'll select, here are steps that you can try.

1. Since you choose a religious tattoo, get permanent body artwork. It is because it will stay with you for your entire life. Don't forget to use the right ink. Avoid ink that could give any problem to your skin.

2. Then, decide the place you want to draw the artwork. Where you want to put it and how big the size, and also the style.

3. You must pick an area that you will not regret. You might want to draw the artwork in hidden location. It will ease you to cover the artwork when attending job interview or other formal occasion. However, you can put the Arabic tattoo on your neck, as long as you feel comfortable with it.

4. How big of body art do you want? Decide it based on the location. The size of your artwork depends on the place you want to put it. Large and tough tattoos look good on large area such as back, chest. While, medium size on arms, shoulders, and legs. Then, small on ankle, wrist, elbow, foot and navel.

5. For the design, collect optional templates as much as you can. Then, narrow your collection down. As Muslim, pick religious Arabic tattoo to characterize your personality. You can search on internet, books or other sources. If you browse on internet, use specific keywords. For example, type unique Arabian tattoo, or religious Arabic tattoo.

There are many symbols of Islamic letters. You can choose design with certain meaning. It helps you to recognize what you want to represent from your artwork. Just be smart when selecting the design. So, you'll not regret what you have done.

Henna Tattoo Design and How to Make Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoo Design and How to Make Henna TattoosMehndi is a shrub like plant from the Middle Eastern countries is used for henna tattoo and in various henna tattoo design. It is more known as "Henna" and the art of henna tattooing has been an ancient tradition to the Middle Eastern culture. In places like India, Pakistan, Sudan and Egypt it has been a tradition and now a fashion throughout.

Henna Tattoo Design and How to Make Henna TattoosThe henna or mehndi leaves are used in body painting or what we call as henna tattoo or temporary tattoo. People nowadays prefer to use it because it is cheaper, simpler and you can even make one and apply them your own. The henna leaves are ground and powdered and turned into paste then, applied in different body parts such as; hands, legs, feet, arms, ankles, neck, back, belly and even in toe and fingernails and in other parts of the body where you would prefer to have them.

Henna Tattoo Design and How to Make Henna Tattoos
Because henna tattoo has become a fashion, many suppliers now made henna in variety of colors but, studies showed that it is not safe. When other colors, chemicals or substances are added to henna to alter its color, there is some sort of chemical reactions that causes skin irritations which can be mild to severe in cases. Therefore, it is advisable to use henna in its pure and uncolored form.

Cool Tattoo Design - The Best Niche to Search For Perfect Tattoos

So you have finally made the decision that you are going to get a tattoo. You have thought carefully and clearly about which cool tattoo design you should go for and you have understood that this is a one time and it is a big time commitment. You certainly would not go through the painful process of getting a tattoo only to change your mind afterward and then end up spending thousands of dollars and going through an even more painful procedure of having it removed.

If you have indeed gone through all that then congratulations and good luck on getting that tattoo. It is certainly a great way of expressing one's unique personality. For those of you, however, who are still stuck on deciding which tattoo design to get, then read on below for some ideas on where you can get a unique and cool tattoo design.

One word about searching for the right design: Research. Choosing the right tattoo for you would indeed require a lot of thought on your part and it is really best for you to think really hard on a specific design that you would get this is to make sure that you will not make a decision that you would go on regretting later on. Remember, the consequences of having a tattoo removed!

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