Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fantastic Lower Tattoo

At the time this session I discuss Tantang butterfly tattoo when we have a tattoo that is very interesting and fantastic of course we will be more confident look in our day-to-day because I was trying to divide the sample butterfly tattoo to you all that can be example for all of you safely enjoy .....
Flower butterfly tattoos are another intriguing and popular choice designs among women who are thinking of getting inked. Flowers represent a timeless symbol of beauty and femininity while butterflies symbolize transformation, change or rebirth. Both butterflies and flowers grow free and roam around for all the world to see. Butterflies have long fascinated and delighted us with their gorgeous colors and astounding transformation, from an earthbound caterpillar to a gorgeous winged creature. Flowers, on the other hand, have always been considered beautiful, attractive and pleasing because of its colors, symmetry, organization and useful characteristics. A butterfly naturally nectar on flowers for its food and it's a sight to behold. Thus, it is no wonder that a combination of flower and butterfly as a design is considered as an option for women who are looking to get tattooed.

Flower butterfly tattoos can be very flexible, sexy and appealing.

Fantastic Lower TattooDYou can either incorporate it as one design to mimic this wonderful sight of nature or you can separate them to make it unique. You may choose to spread butterfly wings on your lower back, on your lower leg or a small one as an ankle design and add floral vines into it. For full combination of flower butterfly tattoos, the common choice would be the lower back design or even a full back design. They would also look great at lower stomach, thighs, and even hip area.

Flower butterfly tattoos are very easy to adjust to fit the shape of a female's body perfectly.

Aside from that, they are both very colorful and pretty and can be hot looking with just about any color. When put together, they stage the natural process of a butterfly's attraction to a flower. They would look very striking and interesting at the same time.

Flower butterfly tattoos can represent one as being free-spirited, independent and nature lover. It can mean one's search for goals or meanings in life or it can be a declaration that one is ready to roam the world and tackle the bigger challenges of life. However way you interpret it, one can never go wrong with flower butterfly tattoos, they are part of nature and will definitely not go out of style.

To design your own flower and butterfly tattoos, CLICK HERE Or you can check out our check out our Tattoo Gallery for more ideas and designs for flower butterfly tattoos.

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