Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautyful Green Tattoo

Whilst we've always enjoyed a great reputation with the ladies and retain a steady flow of return female clients, it has to be said that more women seem willing to "get inked" these days.
It just suddenly seems more accepted, no "the norm", although this growing trend does buck more variety rather than staying with the traditionally typical ladies discreet rose/dolphin/butterfly tattoo.

Obviously the shape and dress-ability of the lower-back can restrict what will work and what won't - it's sometimes easier and better just to work with the flow and contour of the skin.

Please find below a selection of Ladies Lower Back Tattoos done here at Eternal Images at Goole. A question we get asked a hell of a lot is "does it hurt on the back?"

Well, the honest answer is; It hurts different people to different degrees. We've had people in (not just ladies either) who have said it's one of the worst pains they've ever endured (damn drama queens!). We also have regular clients who find the lower back the most easy going and virtually pain free.
The truth is, it depends on many things. How toned you are, your skin type, how boney or muscular you are, and most importantly, yaour own threshold. If it generally were as painful as most first timers think it is going to be, Tattoos on the lower back wouldn't be so popular would they?a

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