Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Unique Butterfly Tattoo Today

Unique Butterfly Tattoo Today
Unique Butterfly Tattoo Today
A lot of people are flocking to the tattoo parlors these days to get inked. Why do people get inked in the first place? Some say it is for recognition, other for attention, & yet some people need to follow the crowd. No matter what your reason is for getting inked, be sure you actually browse through a reputable gallery of designs before you select on what you need. You cannot erase a design you don't like so think carefully. If you need to check out tons of butterfly tattoos,
Humans have had their bodies inked for thousands of years so this is not something new at all. Designs have been used as a way of expressing personal religious belief, signification of a tribe or group, cultural status, punishment, or out of love. There's been mummies found from 5,200 years ago that have tattoos on them.

The earliest known examples that plenty of people site for tattoos were on plenty of female mummies which date back to about 2000 BC. As stated though, there was a recent discovery along the Austrian border which found a mummy that dates back about 5,200 years & this mummy also has patterns designed on it. So these "inks" go way back!

On top of this, in 1948, a 2,400 year elderly body was found in the frozen ice of Siberia. This ancient male was covered in tattoos on his limbs & torso, representing ancient mythical animals & beliefs. So as you see, tattoos, whether they be butterfly tattoos or otherwise, are a sizable role in society - both past & present.

Body adornment was the main form & reason for tattoos in the ancient world. Today, symbols like butterfly tattoos are merely a form of joy or are done because the person wants that look. In ancient times, women used to have a sure arrangement of dots across their stomach, to symbolize some sort of stature in society.

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